Mayer Fried

Hello, I’m Mayer. I’m a software engineer and full stack Developer

As the IT director at Score Spaces, a leading provider of commercial furniture for offices, corporate, health care, and educational facilities, I specialize in developing and maintaining custom software solutions that drive our sales and operations. With a strong background in both software engineering and financial management, I bring a unique skill set to my role and am able to approach projects with a strategic mindset. I am a proactive and collaborative leader with a track record of successful project delivery, and I am always seeking new ways to drive innovation and increase efficiency. I have a proven ability to lead cross-functional teams and deliver high-quality products and services, and I am excited to connect with other professionals in the tech and furniture industries and explore opportunities for growth and collaboration.

(This is a semple website - you'll be building a site like this on the Next.js tutorial.)